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Frequently Asked Questions

For us transparency is key to a successful business and a good relationship with our investors.

General Questions

Who can participate in Peax?

Any person or corporation from any country can create an account, and we will be glad to accept investors from anywhere in the world. The main condition is agreement with our terms.

What is Peax?

Peax is a premium money management firm specialized in managing funds through its advanced formulas, systems and technologies. We came up with the most reliable formulas. We focus on the importance of technology and the integration of automation.

Is Peax a registered and legal company?

Yes, Peax is registered in the United Kingdom as "PEAK COMMERCIAL FINANCE LIMITED" with the following registration number: 12116879.

Is Peax safe to use?

We spend a lot of time on safety, so your account is safe with us. We don’t have any permission to withdraw your funds, so in the unlikely event of a data breach, it’s still impossible for hackers to access your funds. The exchanges we work with are known to spend a lot of time and money in their safety, so your funds should be secure with them.

Our website is protected by Ddos-Guard, which has a web application firewall and Ddos protection active. Any saved passwords and API keys are encrypted in the database.

Do I need to pay to use Peax?

With Peax, there are no upfront fees, fixed costs, or monthly minimums. You can start and stop using us anytime at no extra charge.

Account Questions

How many accounts can I create?

It is strictly prohibited to register multiple accounts. All new investor‘s profiles are constantly being moderated on affiliate fraud attempts. In the case of a confirmed affiliate fraud case, all the accounts (including the referrer) will be permanently blocked without deposit or available balance refund. Use only one account for your needs. If you want to use multiple accounts in the same family, please notify us about it via mail or live chat and we will help you out.

My account was hacked. What do I need to do?

First of all, use the "Password Recovery" option. If not enough, contact us through the support centre to share your personal and account information. To contact us, use the email address you used to register your account.

Can I change my payment details?

No you cannot. You can fill in your payment details only once. After that is done, you will need to contact us if you want to change this data. We work this way in order to keep your funds safe in case of a security breach.

Are there any restrictions on access to my account?

You can access your account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via the Internet and track all actions of your account: investments /funds withdrawal / interest accruals / balance statistics, partners, earnings and current work. Everything is updated in real time.

My account is blocked, what should I do?

Sometimes an account may be temporarily blocked, this may mean that this profile (or group of profiles) is currently being checked by security. If you are caught violating the User Agreement, your invested money is refundable, with the exception of fees for damages caused to the company. If you do not agree that your account has been blocked or funds frozen, please contact our support team and wait for their response.

Investment Questions

What payment systems do you use for deposit and withdrawal of funds?

At this moment deposits and withdrawals are available with Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and DogeCoin.

What are the restrictions on the amount of the deposit?

The minimum investment amount is: 1 USD, The maximum investment amount at the moment is: 30,000 USD.

How do I invest?

In order to invest, you must first become one of our registered members. After registration, you can always log in to your personal and secure account using your username and password you provided during registration, and then make your first deposit. You will need to click "Invest" button in the account menu. There you can choose a payment method and follow the simple instructions on the page to complete making an investment. The transaction is safe, fast and convenient (it takes approximately 1 minute).

How can I see my transaction history?

Open your account and go to the "History" menu and you will see the history of all your operations.

I have made an investment but it did not show up yet, what can I do?

After you have made the transfer, send us a notification containing your username, electronic currency account number, details of the transaction and the amount you have transferred. We will look up your deposit in the system and add your investment manually.

How can I invest using Visa / MasterCard?

If you live in the CIS countries, you can invest from your card or even a bank account using the Payeer system. In other cases, we recommend that you explore exchange services or use search engines to find ways to create a virtual account or buy the currency we accept.

Can I make a deposit in one currency and receive payments in another?

No, you can invest and receive profit only in the same electronic currency as you have used.

Can I make new investments at any convenient time for me?

Yes, you can. Also you can create multiple deposits using different payment systems. The number of deposits is not limited.

How long will my investment work?

Your investments will work according to the plan you have selected. It starts from the minute of making the deposit in the account.

Can I cancel a financial transaction on the site?

No, you cannot. All operations are considered final and are executed immediately. Please pay attention to the fact that neither the administration nor the support team can change the results of your actions related to financial operations on the site.

How long do you plan to provide your investment services?

Peax plans to work for as long as our business model remains profitable. We constantly tweak and modify our system to provide the best returns for our investors. There is no reason to think Peax will stop at any time. As long as crypto exists, Peax will be able to provide steady returns to its investors.

How long does it take for funds to arrive to my account?

Your account will be updated immediately after you make a deposit. To see an investment via Cryptocurrency show up will require 1 confirmation on the blockchain. Depending on the blockchain network, sometimes it may take several hours for your deposit to appear in your account. In this case, check your deposit in a few hours.

Withdrawal Questions

How quickly are withdrawal requests processed?

Withdrawals are processed instantly for Payeer, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin. The withdrawals from Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and DogeCoin are processed manually and it can take up to 12 hours. Often it will be faster.

How to withdraw profits?

To withdraw profits, you need to have an active account in the payment system to which you want to transfer your profits. You need to fill in your payment system details on the “Settings” page. Profits can be withdrawn at any time convenient for you. To do this, log into your account, click "Withdraw funds" button and specify the amount of withdrawal. After the transaction is completed, your profit will be transferred to your account instantly in a minute or within 12 hours if using abovementioned crypto.

What is the minimum and maximum amount available for withdrawal?

The minimum amount for withdrawal is: PerfectMoney: 0.01 USD, Payeer: 0.02 USD, Bitcoin: 0.0002
Litecoin: 0.02, Ethereum: 0.007, Dogecoin: 100, Bitcoin Cash: 0.004. The maximum amount for withdrawal is: 35,000 USD per user per day.

Are there delays in payments?

All transactions are usually performed immediately, because this is the way most payment systems work. However, when the payment system is under a heavy load or if there are errors, delays or refund of payments may occur.

I have problems with funds withdrawal. What can I do?

If you have difficulties with withdrawing funds, make sure that there is enough available balance. Sometimes your total account balance can be distributed between the balances of several payment systems. Let's say your actual available balance is 100 USD. When you request a bitcoin withdrawal, but your available bitcoin balance is 60 USD, and the available Perfect Money balance is 40 USD, which means you ought to make 2 requests for Bitcoin and Perfect Money balances independently.

Affiliate Questions

What is an affiliate program and who can join it?

Anyone who creates an account on our website can join our affiliate program. An affiliate program is a set of technical solutions and financial opportunities that have been created for active investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to participate in the development of our company and receive worthy rewards for that.

How does the affiliate program work?

The goal of the affiliate program is to attract as many customers as possible. As a partner, you get a bonus of 7% from each deposit of the invited clients to your first line. The more customers you invite, the more deposits they make - the more bonuses you get. To understand that the partner is registered as your referral, we use the referral link. In other words, you must provide potential clients with a referral link so that they can use it to enter the site. If they enter, register and make a deposit, you receive a bonus. Referral links can be distributed personally or via the Internet, on forums, websites, social networks, blogs or instant messengers. You can find your personal referral link in your account in the "Referrals" section.

I have placed my referral link on the Internet, but still do not receive bonuses. What am I doing wrong??

You just need to wait. It probably makes sense to place a referral link on more Internet sites or simply send it to people you know, maybe to your colleagues who may be interested in the possibility of increasing their income.

How fast is the affiliate bonus paid?

Bonuses are paid a minute after the attracted customer has made a deposit.

How can I see the total number of referrals that I have?

You need to log into your account and click "Referrals". You will see the entire list.

Will I receive a partner bonus from every referral deposit?

Yes, you will receive an affiliate bonus from each deposit your referrals make.

Do I need to create a deposit to get a partner bonus?

No, you do not need to invest money if you want to start getting bonuses. You only need to create an account.

Is there a limit on the amount of partner bonus payout?

There are no restrictions. Therefore, the more your referrals invest, the more you can earn.

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