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What happens with my investment at Peax?

Beside the fact that we take only a small commission from the earnings we produce, there are many more advantages to investing in Peax.

First you invest

Investors from all over the world make an investment in Peax.

We work

The payment order is sent to our servers and we start working with the funds straight away.

You profit

The proceeds from our trading will be sent back to our platform and become available to withdraw for our investors.

Easy to use Dashboard

We have designed this dashboard to make it as easy as possible to navigate.

Support 24x7x365

Our round-the-clock support works ceaselessly to answer all your questions.

Ultimate performance

We offer the best rates on the market. Nobody delivers quicker than us.

Choose the investment opportunity that fits you best

Every plan is divided into multiple categories. You can receive higher profit per hour when investing a higher amount. Use the calculator below to find out how much you can earn.

Paid Hourly
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0.1% - 5% hourly

for 50 days [deposit returned in the end]

  • $1 - $499 >> 0.1%/h
  • $500 - $999 >> 1.25%/h
  • $1000 - $1999 >> 2.5%/h
  • $2000 - $4999 >> 3.75%/h
  • $5000 - $10000 >> 5%/h
Paid Hourly
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1 Day (24 hours)

105%-114% (hourly accruals)

  • $1 - $499 >> 105%
  • $500 - $999 >> 108%
  • $1000 - $1999 >> 111%
  • $2000 - $5000 >> 114%
Paid Hourly
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4 Days (96 hours)

125%-170% (hourly accruals)

  • $1 - $499 >> 125%
  • $500 - $999 >> 140%
  • $1000 - $1999 >> 155%
  • $2000 - $5000 >> 170%
Paid Hourly
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7 Days (168 hours)

150%-250% (hourly accruals)

  • $1 - $499 >> 150%
  • $500 - $999 >> 185%
  • $1000 - $1999 >> 220%
  • $2000 - $5000 >> 250%
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Select the plan of choice and fill in the amount you would like to invest. Your profit will then show up on the calculator.







Latest Activity at Peax

Head over to the Paidout page for a more in-depth report of our latest withdrawals. All data is fed live to the system.

Last Withdrawals

Investor Date Amount Currency
taiwando Jan-19-2021 10:59:01 AM $5.10
gravy Jan-19-2021 10:58:02 AM $28.10
molly Jan-19-2021 10:49:02 AM $10.10
zjj1999 Jan-19-2021 10:48:02 AM $37.00
bradford Jan-19-2021 10:40:02 AM $9.10
larisa79 Jan-19-2021 10:37:02 AM $14.10
TINDASSIDA Jan-19-2021 10:31:02 AM $1.10
Hotspur Jan-19-2021 10:26:02 AM $36.10
umer402 Jan-19-2021 10:23:02 AM $8.10
gentad Jan-19-2021 10:15:02 AM $35.10
Check Paidout

Total for today $619582.39

Last Investments

Investor Date Amount Currency
Babab Jan-19-2021 10:58:02 AM $6.00
quangtrungcntt1 Jan-19-2021 10:52:02 AM $57.71
maryland Jan-19-2021 10:48:02 AM $19.00
master74 Jan-19-2021 10:39:01 AM $15.00
ushop Jan-19-2021 10:38:02 AM $845.90
kumsan79 Jan-19-2021 10:32:02 AM $86.74
tacatera Jan-19-2021 10:29:02 AM $5.00
fongterfund Jan-19-2021 10:21:01 AM $23.00
Goodymoney Jan-19-2021 10:14:01 AM $428.96
zjj1999 Jan-19-2021 10:12:01 AM $77.36
Invest Now

Total for today $19518.06

The low-risk high-reward trading formula.

We came up with the most reliable formulas for money management, we totally understand that clients want steady profits with a minimum of risk.

We want to give the opportunity to investors to benefit from our tech-trading experiences. In the easiest way and with the tightest risk possible.

Days Online

We value every day and withdrawals are possible on every day of the week.



We love each and every one of you. Let’s achieve your dreams together.


Total Invested

The total amount of investments. For withdrawals go to the paidout page.


Total Paid Out

All the profit paid out so far to our investors. Let's reach new peaks.


The advantages of using Peax.

We’re committed to giving you a complete package. From security to support.

Easy Management

We have developed an account area where you can easily follow up on all your actions. Sign up and check it for yourself!


Our system is as accurate as a Swiss watch. Whether you invest or withdraw, everything is monitored to pin point precision.


We give the opportunity to investors to benefit from our tech-trading experiences in the easiest way and with the tightest risk possible.


Our website is protected by SSL encryption, which has firewall and Ddos protection. All data transfer is secured.


Whether you think about investing or withdrawing, within a few clicks everything can be done.


You can access your account whenever you want and wherever you want, as easy as checking the time.


Any saved passwords and API keys are encrypted in our database and not available to any employee of the company.


Financial data is crucial for accurate trading. We gather large volumes of financial data and analyze this regularly for HFT opportunities.

Peax in a nutshell

There might be a lot of information on the website, but here we summarize who we are and what we do in short.

What is Peax?

  • Peax is a premium money management firm specialized in managing funds through its advanced formulas, systems and technologies. We came up with the most reliable formulas. We focus on the importance of technology and the integration of automation.

How does Peax profit?

  • Investments in Peax are sent to our servers and we start working with the funds straight away. The proceeds from our trading will be sent back to our platform and become available to withdraw for our investors. We manage to both make a profit via this platform.
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Peax’s exclusive tech

Technology today is the key to a successful business. Our Trading Signal System is managed by both humans and robots.

24/7/365 monitoring

Our market analysis consists of many layers, we process technical, fundamental and quantitative analysis live and around the clock.


The results are tested and get processed by many factors and possible scenarios until they get approved so we are certain to make profits.

Join our referral program and enjoy a 7% commission.

On every investment one of your followers makes. You do not need to invest yourself to earn from referrals. Follow up your statistics on the referrals page.

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